1. View from The McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis, West Texas.

    Spent the afternoon at a solar viewing session, followed by a twilight program and star party during the night. 

  2. I have been walking past these lovelies every day on my way to school this summer. Escaped from the lab for a while today to finally capture them.

  3. Sun-kissed. 

  4. Downtown Chicago and Whiting, IN.

    Capturing time in the heart of the city and in a small town down south. It’s astonishing how fast the moments seem to be ticking away here..

  5. Chinatown, Chicago.

  6. Girl In Translation.

    "There’s a Chinese saying that the fates are winds that blow through our lives from every angle, urging us along the paths of time.  Those who are strong-willed may fight the storm and possibly choose their own road, while the weak must go where they are blown. I say I have not been so much pushed by winds as pulled forward by the force of my decisions.

  7. Last week felt like the beginning of the much awaited summer after a long period of severe, snowy winter in the region. It motivated me to step outside and capture a few scenes around the campus.

  8. Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of mainland India. 

    I found these gems while browsing through the pictures from my Kerala trip last year. This was the last time I traveled in India with my family before coming to the United States. I really miss my country and all it’s madness. 

  9. Windy City from the archives. 

  10. I just want to escape reality for a little while. Is that too much to ask?”