1. Munster, IN.

  2. Whiting, IN.

  3. Dunkin’ Donuts, Chicago.

  4. Whiting, IN.

  5. Obsessed with the streets of Chicago. / Instagram uploads.

  6. Chicago Board of Trade.

  7. Red on the streets. / Chicago.

  8. View of downtown Chicago and frozen lake Michigan as seen from the skydeck at 103rd floor, Willis Tower.

  9.  This is my good friend Ted & his truck.


  10. antoinettesparrow asked: Just wanted to say I stumbled upon your page through another's and I am so happy I did! Your photos are just so breathtaking that I had to tell you!!! You have a real gift and I hope you continue to express and share it with this beautiful world. Also, I wish you the best of luck with your higher education! Hope you kick grad school's ass!!! :) Your newest fan, Brianna

    Hey, thank you so much Brianna! Haha, yeah I’m currently just trying to survive grad school. Thanks again :) Cheers!¬†